Boot Stomping Country With David Quinn

I agree with local Chicago country crooner David Quinn, "Lord let me die with my boots on." The local king of Cosmic Country had a tour stop at Hey Nonny in Chicago suburb Arlington Heights and blew the roof off the place. Inspired my country greats like a Waylon Jennings, Merle and Hank, David Quinn is bringing boot stomping country back! Packed with vibrant instrumentation and undeniable gusto, David Quinn's music has a commanding energy that leaves listeners breathless.

When David hits the stage you feel two things. Love and energy! The way he floats on the stage is infectious! His whiskey soaked vocals and undeniable passion make it hard to take your eyes off David and his band.

My favorite songs of the night included "Boy From Illinois", "Ride On" and "Let Me Die with My Boots On." I promise you, that these were fan favorites as well. From a young family with kids, to an older couple two steppin, everyone loves David Quinn!

My favorite moment of the night had to be the look on his face when the crowd yelled “play one more”. David Quinn’s songwriting smartly creates the ideal canvas for his band and the collective twang soars! David presents fetching hooks and relatable lyrics and themes. David is A traditional country crooning two-stepper with a deep appreciation for the genre’s roots!

I have a gut feeling this is just the beginning for David!

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