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Brandon Davis: A Tik Tok Star With Humble Roots

Brandon Davis's voice is undeniably country music. But his path wasn't always that of a music career. Thanks to viral videos on Tik Tok, Davis has found his way into the heats and homes of millions of country fans. Authentic and humble, Brandon Davis's goal is to put his family first while making a career in a genre he loves. Thanks to a great singing voice and wife who believed in him, Brandon Davis is well on his way to a long career in country music!

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Talk to me kind of about how like started to get on Tik Tok and how it's kind of turned into this total game changer for you for your music career.

Well, my wife was she was constantly watching. She just got that downloaded Tik Tok right before pandemic started. She was flipping through saying, Hey, look at this like this. I was like, well, it's all funny stuff. It's just people dancing and being goofy. I'm goofy, but I don't know how to dance. So she kept saying, just sing and I'll post a video. I was like, nah, it ain't no sense and all that. And finally, we're driving back from family’s house on Father's Day and she says, “Look, I don't care what you sing, just sing. I'm going film.” We got a few views on that first one. We got home and posted a couple more. And all of a sudden she catches me trying to get a drink of water at about 10 o'clock at night and just comes up and says, “Hey, sing this artist, sing this artist and this artist.” And I wake up the next morning and we've got a viral video taken off that nobody expected. And from there I figured out that people actually wanted to hear my music. They liked the fact that I was singing and wanted to hear more.

I know that music wasn’t always the plan. You were a pretty big baseball player for a while and you work full-time. So are hoping that the fame on Tik Tok can lead to music full time?

That's that's the hope right now. I've still got a, still got a job that I work five days a week. So 45 hours of my week goes to that and every bit of what is left, it goes to family and putting the music out and lucky for me, I've got family that loves to be part of the music.

Speaking about family, your songs Step By Step is beautiful. It also went viral on Tik Tok. So why do you think this really personal story of you becoming a stepfather was best for a song and kind of best for the country music crowd?

Honestly, I've always thought that when it comes to country music, it's best to put out or listen to a song that tells a story. You know, you've got your good time party songs. You've got the ones that just make you feel good, but you've got ones that tell a story. And that's one thing country music's always been famous for is putting those stories with a tune. So for me, I got to take the story that is really close to my heart and put it out in a way that a lot of people can connect. Not just step parents, not just step kids or the daughter or the son, but everyone, the foster parents, the grandparents has stepped up, you know, the godparents that did what they had to do when they didn't expect it. And that way everyone can get a chance to say, “Hey, this, this is for me.” I get to share this with my kids. Or I get to share this with the, with my parents that came in when they didn't have to. So this is very special.

So you hit number one on the iTunes chart, you have over a million followers on tech tab. You were also just featured on Sirius XM, the highway. Did you expect this song to go viral the way it did?

Honestly, when I wrote this song, I was sitting at my desk in my office designing a fire sprinkler system and I was typing out the lyrics to it in Facebook messenger to my wife. I told her you gotta look at this, take a look. And by the time I got done, I was like, well, it sounds like a pretty good song who knows. We might be able to release it. And it did decent on YouTube, but we had a viral video actually back in October 2020 with it on Tik Tok. So we knew people wanted it and that it might have an audience that could grab hold to. And when we finally released that sneak peek, I showed her for the first time sitting in the truck, like, look, it's finally fully produced, just come out to the truck and listen to it. Let's turn it on. I want to see what you think. And people were able to connect with that. And that, to me, that was, that was just breathtaking watching. So many people want to grab, hold and say, look, this isn't just your song. We feel like it's ours too.

What are some of the coolest connections that you've made because of the song? I know you kind of put together this awesome fan video, but like beyond that, have you had some really awesome people reach out to you?

Well, there's actually a couple because we had several fans that were reaching out saying, look, we wanted to thank you because now after all this time of wondering what me and my stepson or my stepdaughter were going to dance to at our wedding, we finally found the song. So thank you so much for giving us that opportunity through this music. And for me, that, that's what touches me the most, being able to share a moment like that with people that otherwise I would have never even had a chance to speak to.

I feel like Tik Tok and just social media in general has allowed country musicians to come from all over. What do you think Tik Tok is doing for artists right now?

I think it's just, it's giving them exposure that otherwise you're not going to have quick and direct access to because the algorithm no real rhyme or reason to it. It's just like, Hey, do you like hearing this? Oh, you do. We'll, we're going to put more stuff on here. For artists to have that opportunity to reach that many demographics with, you know, I'm not going to say minimal effort, cause there's a lot of effort that goes into it. You gotta have your you're pushing content that you hope is interesting. But to have that kind of a platform that's that easy to access. I mean, that's something that people for years have been wanting that they haven't had access to even vine and musically, which is, I guess what tick-tock was before. I mean, it's just not the same as what we have now. I feel like it's putting the power kind of back in the listeners hands like, Hey, this is who we like, like, you know what I mean? Let's hear more.

You have released your take on the Garth Brooks classic Thunder Rolls, how did this amazing opportunity pop up?

I found the metal rock version that got released by a group called State of Mine, No Resolve. They paired up and released the regular cut of Thunder Rolls and it charted on iTunes. They, they had charted on billboard and I thought, this is crazy that listen to this version, like somebody just took the song and flipped it on its head. And a week later I get an email saying, “Hey, we've had a lot of people wanting us to do the extended version of this song. Do you mind coming on and being our country twist.”, I was like, you sure you realize I am country? Like I've heard the rest of the song. Like y'all, y'all killed it. I just, I am country. They told me, we want that. Bring it on. I was like, well, yeah, I'm down. Let's do it. Very honored that, that Jay and Oscar wanted to team up with me and John as well. They, they brought me on board. I've been very thankful for it. Got to lay down tracks for a song that I never thought I'd get to lay down tracks zone. And I mean, here we are a week from release and I am I'm stoked because the, I got to see just a little sneak peek in the music video that they're going to be releasing to go with it as well. And wish I could share some of that with y'all cause it's it's killer, but a lot of things to come from that.

You told me you had a Backstage Bobbi Exclusive for us, what can you tell me without getting in trouble?

Good thing is the only person I got to get in trouble with is my wife. She's my boss. And she's my wife, which kind of, I think is already a thing, but she's my boss in a different way. She's a reason that I am able to do all of this. She's the business behind the music I get up and sing. She makes arrest happen. I love it. Love it. But this this song that we're getting ready to, to bring it out a head two really great songwriters team up with me. One came from Atlanta, his name's Alex Smith, and the other came from a Nashville guy with Sony. His name is Kyle Clark and they met here at the house, kind of had a six hour session here in the upstairs loft. And what we wound up walking away with was insane. The title is What Cowboys Are For. I don't know, it's, it's something completely different than what I ever expected to be able to get out of my very first it's very first time I've ever co-wrote with people. So for me, this was a big step and we, we just, we put together in my personal opinion, something that's going to be gold and I cannot wait to share it with everybody because it's, it's out of this world production and everything. Shout out to Billy Decker for the, for the mixing mastering and Alex and Cal both came together on the production. They, they just real, wow. I am super excited for everyone to hear it!

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