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Chicago Welcomes Back Drew Parker!

After releasing his debut album in 2020 and being unable to tour to promote it, country artist Drew Parker is itching to play his new songs in front of live audiences. “People are ready for live music again,” Parker said. “And I think people are ready for good country music again.” To promote his album, “While You’re Gone,” Parker hit the road and ended up at Chicago’s iconic Joe’s on Weed!

Drew’s larger than life stage presence reminded me of a young Garth Brooks, helping to heat up a snowy Chicago Thursday!

Parker turned a few memorable phrases. In “All the Beers,” he sings that partying all night after a hard day’s work “might not be your cup of sweet teBetween songs, Drew told the audience the journey of his career. From X-Ray tech to a record deal. “All in one week, I got a record deal, quit my job and became a dad,” Drew told the crowd before sining one of his newest songs “The Runway”

Drew’s talent is truly hard to ignore, from witty lyrics to a distinguishable twang Drew Parker left a mark in Chicago!

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