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Country On Western: Chicago's Best Annual Southside Country Festival

When you live in a big city like Chicago, there’s a community for almost anything. When I moved to the city after college, I struggled to find a community of country music. Not being a musician myself, I often found it difficult to immerse myself in a country music culture

When I started Backstage Bobbi last year it became my mission to find a country music community that I knew lived in Chicago.

Enter Country On Western.

Nestled on the Far Southwest Side of Chicago, Country On Western Music Festival takes place on Western Ave. in the thriving neighborhood of Beverly. This neighborhood is a traditional Irish neighborhood based on blue-collar roots and good old fashion music. In it's fourth-year, Country on Western or COW offers a unique and intimate country music experience that can’t be found much place else in the city.

Thanks to Chicago natives and americana rockers South City Revival, they were able to bring this one of a kind fest back after a year of no live music here in Chicago.

Armed with a killer lineup of local artists, great drinks, and an amazing community country on western provided a Saturday experience for me that I will never forget.

What do I love the most about COW? Concert-goers get to indulge in country music of all varieties! From traditional swing to americana; alt-country to outlaw; folk to bluegrass. There is no room for a judgment at this festival! Concertgoers really get to immerse themselves in the music and even rub shoulders with some of the bands themselves.

The party started early in the afternoon and went well into the late evening. Why did I stay so late? Because I felt comfortable I felt like I finally found a community that I could dive deep into. And I also found artists that I don’t think I would’ve found if it wasn’t for Country On Western.

Community for me as what country music is built on. We all have shared experiences, stories, and just want to feel good about the music that we love. How offers and experience unlike any other in the city and I am so excited for it to come back next year!

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