Country Punk Takes Over Chicago, Thanks To Manny Blu.

In the past few years we have seen country music grow faster than ever before. Everyone has a story, and for a genre that is based around that idea its been amazing to watch new blood enter the country space. But something was still left to be had. Enter Quebec native Manny Blu. Manny stylized mix of country twang and heavy rock & roll attitude sets him apart in the genre. The former MMA fighter brings his high performance level to his music and live shows! Manny kicked off his September tour at Carol's Pub in Chicago to a welcoming crowd. I like Manny because he is unique, passionate A country artist “by default” once he started playing guitar and his friends requested songs relating to the genre, Manny definitely brings his rebellious outlaw vibe to country music! Somewhere between blues, country and rock n roll we find the king of Country Punk, Manny Blu!

Manny played a full 75 minutes of songs that demand to be played over speakers in a honky tonk bar. His grungy mix of whiskey bent tales mixed with hard drums and slick guitar solos put Manny in a class that is hard to define. But if I had too, I'd say Blink 182, Brantley Gilbert and Stevie Ray Vaughan all had a baby!

With songs like "Train" and "Sink", Manny invites us into the world of Country Punk. Manny continues to unapologetically bring his vibe to country music. Manny showed great range, and wasn't afraid to slow things down a bit. While I love the energy of the Country Punk beat, I think Manny really vibes his grove in more soulful tunes like "Valet" and my personal favorite "Old Money." I love that Manny can show both sides while style within his definition of country!

Nevertheless, Manny's energy was infectious from start to finish. His passion, talent and work ethic are very clear from the moment he steps under the lights and grabs his signature pink microphone!

Country punk is here to stay.

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