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Dylan Scott ROCKS A Sold Out Joe’s Live in Chicago

On a cold night in Chicago, Dylan Scott SOLD out Joe’s Live!

One thing that made Scott’s performance so enjoyable was his energy. A friend of mine had seen him perform last year and told me how active he was on stage, and boy she wasn’t wrong. I love when artists move around and don’t just stand there — it shows they are giving their performance all they’ve got and actually enjoy what they do.

Scott’s genuine interactions with the crowd also made him stand-out as a live performer. It’s one thing for an artist to grab the hands of people in the front row and point at people all over the room. It’s another thing for him to literally have full-on conversations with people in the crowd during his transitions between songs.

Scott’s 90 minute set was high energy and all fan focused! Scott’s show included his songs “Beer Buddies,” “My Town,” “Nothin To Do Town,” “Hooked” and crowd-pleaser “Ballcap.”

My favorite moments of the night came from two very different songs. “When You Say Nothing At All” is one of my all time favorites, so I about died when I heard Scott strum the opening chords on his acoustic guitar. His deep voice, in my opinion, is very reminiscent of Keith Whitley’s on the original track, and he effortlessly delivered the heartfelt emotion needed to nail this song. I feel it also shows how diverse Scott is as an artist!

I also love that Dylan brought out tour mate Dylan Marlowe for a sing off that really got the crowd going!

Dylan’s two new singles “New Truck” and “Cant Have Mine” show two unique sides of Scott that culminate into one hell of a performer!

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