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Hailey Whitters Makes Her Joe's On Weed Headlining Debut

It is hard not to like cornfield princess and overall sweetheart Hailey Whitters. After performing on Sunday of last years Windy City Smokeout, the angelic songstress made her headlining debut this past Thursday and the Chicago Country staple, Joe's On Weed.

Whitters and her band opened up the enthusiastic hollering and hooting and even a bite from someones nachos in the front row!

"I got a feeling if you bought a ticket to the show, you got a cold beer in your hand," Whitters shouted at her fans. And she wasn't wrong!

There is something to be said about the joy that Hailey brings to her performance. Between the smiles, twirls and real life lyrics, Hailey is a model for the next generation of women in country music. For me, Whitters has a voice reminiscent of Dolly Parton without Dolly's trademark warbling vibrato but her own midwestern flare.

Playing fan favorites like "Dream Girl" "Fillin' My Cup" and "The Ride" a Thursday night Chicago country crowd sang and twirled right along. Whitters jumped back and forth between cover songs and her own compositions including her newest singe "Everything She Aint?" off her new project out March 18th!

The Iowa native told the crowd "I'll be celebrating 13 years chasing this dream this year. Damn it feels good to be in Chicago" Well Hailey cheers to a long country career and MORE stops in Chicago!

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