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Holiday State Is Brining Back The Brotherly Harmony To Country Music

Hailing from Orange County, CA. Holiday State exudes Pacific Coast eaze along with Southern charm blending a fresh sound of Country/Pop/Rock/and R&B. Their goal, to put listeners in a "Holiday State" of mind when fans listen to their songs. Brandon elucidated, “When they come to our shows, we want to take them away from all their trouble and worries. For that moment, we want to put them in a holiday state of mind.” Continuing the trend that country music truly can come from anywhere when you have a story to tell! Brothers, Brandon, Brent and Bryan's strong family dynamic plays well into their harmonies and in return, listeners get a harmony that only brothers can provide!

Was music a big part of your life growing up?

Brandon- I think it started off with family gatherings. Ou family is from the islands on my dad's side, they’re all from Hawaii. When we had family gatherings, island music and Hawaiian music was always playing. My grandma was a professional hula dancer at the Royal Hawaiian with five of her sisters. Growing up that really was our first taste of music! Our dad was a big disco fan disco, R&B and Motown fan. Our mom was more of a Dolly Parton, Barbara Streisand fan. Music was kind of all over the place in our house, all different genres and that's kind of what our music is now. We incorporate all different genres into our country pop sound.

Bryan - I was always was really into Allan Jackson, and more old school traditional country.

Brent- For me it was the same. A lot of Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks. I really jumped into country in early seventh or eighth grade with the Dixie Chicks and Rascal Flats, Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney.

With your eclectic musical upbringing, how did you land on country music? Is there a big country scene is Southern California?

Brent- It's evolved a lot over the years. I think when we started doing country music, there wasn't country pop. It wasn’t at the forefront like it is now. Being from Southern California and doing country music was confusing for people. We would say we were country pop and people would look at us funny. We've had a lot of guys like Brett Young and a bunch of others from Southern California help make way for groups like us!

We all enjoyed different music growing up. Like Brandon mentioned earlier, it's more of just how we blend all those sounds together and bring it to life. A lot of the people that have influenced us over the years. From more country pop FGL and Kane Brown. Or we can back to a little bit more Rascal flats, Kenny Cheney inspired.

Brandon- It's cool that all the genres are kind of mixing. Country and hip hop and country and pop country rock. You didn't see that in the past.

How do you think being a country music trio makes you unique?

Brent- Personally, I think you cater to a lot more fans. I think we've seen it going on the road here and there. You don't see a lot of groups anymore. Plus, being brothers and kind of always singing together sets us apart to! When we were growing up you saw a spike in boybands. It really is so impactful to have a group up on stage and how it caters to so many different people. We are trying to bring that to the forefront of country music.Also being brothers with an ethnic background to really just drive something different and new that could be pretty captivating to people out there looking for something different.

When did the three of you know you wanted to be a band together?

Bryan- The three of us have always got along growing up. Maybe a fighter over Mario Kart but nothing major! As we got older and knew we wanted to do music, we added some friends in the mix as well. We had Brett on the drums, Brandon was a lead singer. I was playing guitar, doing backup vocals. We had another band back in the day where we did that. We broke that off and eventually we were like, we should just do this as brothers. We couldn't rely on friends anymore. We knew that we could always rely on the three of us. I guess our mom was right!

Brandon- Like a lot of bands, it all started in the garage. We bought an old crappy drum set off of our neighbor and Bryn had a guitar from his like 12th birthday. I was the lead singer, and at the beginning it was just noise. Then it was one song, two songs, three songs. I remember our dad came out in the garage and said we sounded pretty good! Just us three in a garage is how it started and we just kept going! He’s like, you guys got something here. It actually sounds pretty good. And we're like, right, thanks. Well, we'll keep going. So that's kinda how it all started.

How does your band name “Holiday State” represent the three of you and your music?

Brandon- Holiday State came to me when Bryan and I wanted to start a clothing brand. We ended up not doing the clothing brand we liked the name so much we figured it would make a great band name! When people come out to our shows, when they listen to our music, we want to put them in like a holiday state of mind. There's great food, there's drinks, you're partying. When they listen to our music, we kind of want to take them away from their struggles. their worries and what they're going through. For that three minute song or for that hour concert, we want to take them to a new place!

How has music helped with your own mental health and how do you want to help others?

Brandon- I've personally dealt with it for the past 12 years. I was diagnosed with OCD and a tick disorder, which is a form of Tourettes and an anxiety disorder. So for me, it's been a bumpy road and it comes and goes. It’s never really a hundred percent for me. I never feel a hundred percent except for when I'm either recording or I'm on the stage performing and it just goes away. So for me, music has always been an escape. To put them in that holiday state or in a good mood, we're hoping that we could take them away from that and not have to worry about, you know, their mental illness or whatever is happening.

A conversation on mental health still isn’t at the forefront like how it should be, but it's getting there. It is allowing people to be more vulnerable and I hope we can help to continue that conversation!

Brett- You never fully know what anybody's going through. You have the biggest artists in the world or the biggest athletes in the world on this huge world stage and they are still struggling! I think you have to appreciate what people do to better themselves and be respectful!

What is the story behind your new single “Indio”

Brandon- We started writing it when all the festivals were shutting down and COVID was starting. We wanted people to get pumped up for when festivals started to come back We co-wrote it with Andrea Farrell and Melissa Sheridan. Melissa’s husband Andy is the one who produced the track. We wanted to make a festival type anthem. The mayor of Indio California! We are excited for the song to do its thing this summer!

How do you define country music?

Brandon- Country can be any like anything that people are inspired by and what makes you move. Country music these days can be anything, as long as it makes you feel something!

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