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Jameson Rodgers Swings Through Chicago On His “Cold Beer Callin’ My Name” Tour

During a snowstorm on a Thursday night in Chicago, Jameson packed the iconic Joe’s On Weed!

Opening the the show with “Cold Beer Callin My Name,” Jameson and his band hit the stage with an abundance of energy that never let up. As the crowd sang along with every song he sang throughout the night Rodgers gave fans a great night of music. Performing other notable songs of his such as “Midnight Daydream“ and “I Don’t Know About You, his first number one as a writer and “Dirt Road Down” the venue was filled with excitement, dancing and smiles.

Right after a fan gave the entertainer a shot to take, Rodgers said he’d been waiting two years to play Chicago , as he was sick for his originally scheduled 2019 show, and he was due for a second attempt in March of 2020. “There was a time not too long ago, when I didn’t think I’d be back in Chicago playing country music;” a stark reminder of everything we’ve all been through the past two years

On a snowy Thursday night in Chicago turned into a party! it was a damn good time and left me believing I think it’s fair to say that not just “Some Girls” but all the girls like Jameson Rodgers.

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