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Jeb Gipson Makes Impressive Joe's On Weed Debut

It takes a lot of guts to step up on stage with just an acoustic guitar in front of a crowd. Especially at the iconic Joe’s on Weed. It can be tough to fill the room with just your voice in a guitar, but the Jeb Gibson did it effortlessly. I’ve been in rooms where openers are drowned out by conversations at the bar. But with his smoky voice with a touch twang almost reminiscent of a country music John Mayer the Georgia native commanded the stage.

Introduced to music at a young age thru this father and being gifted a mandolin, Gipson found himself falling in love with the genre and pulling inspiration from country greats like Ricky Skaggs and Brooks and Dunn. After going back and forth from Nashville for what "seemed like forever" Gipson now finds himself at one of the most respected publishing houses in Nashville, SeaGayle Music all thanks to a call from Chris DuBois.

The self proclaimed "Songfighter" feels that "songs will whoop your ass, and in the writers room they can be frustrating. But the little bit of hard work it takes to get there is worth it.

The 45 minuet set included songs off his 2021 Good at Moving On EP like "Lonely Me" , "Sitting on Empty" and my personal favorite thanks to the Chicago lyric "If It Ain't With You."

I always love observing the crowd when an opener takes the stage. Sometimes I am surprised by the feedback, but this time I wasn't. Jeb has this aura about him, and his lyrics make you want to pay attention to what comes next. "Damn I know this song. It came up on my shuffle" Is one of the coolest things I can hear as a fan in the crowd.

After his impressive cover of "Sand in My Boots," Jeb gave us a taste of his newest single "Damn Good Liar." As a fan of the lyrical "90's country twist" it's no secret that I love the play on words in this song.

From one country fan to another, I have a very strong feeling this isn't the last time we will see this "songfighter" in Chicago.

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