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Josh Abbot Band Rocks Chicago’s Joe’s On Weed After A 4 Year Hiatus

The Josh Abbott Band fired up a cold Chicago evening at the iconic Joe’s on weed!

The 7 peice Lubbock based band rolled through Chicago, and played to one boot stompin and dancing crowd!

Even after a nearly four year hiatus there is something familiar and very welcomed every time they come back.

I got to sit down with Josh before the show. “Gosh I can’t believe we haven’t been here in four years. Chicago is always so special yet familiar when we play. We are excited to be back” Josh told me as we chatted about what sets Texas country apart.

Chicago country fans love Josh Abbott, and it’s it’s easy to see why. This time when they rolled through town, they played an energetic 90 minute set including favorites like “Oh Tonight”, “My Texas”, and “She’s Like Texas”!

For me it was also fun to see the guys really dive into their newest project “The Highway Kind” and watch the crowd know all the words. They played my favorites of the new project “Settle Me Down” and “The Luckiest” without skipping a beat.

There’s something to say about the uniqueness of the Josh Abbott Band. Each one of the band members lends their own unique talents and perspective into the show. Offering fans a one of a kind experience that you really can’t get anywhere else. Maybe that’s the magic of Texas country music. Because if it is Josh and the band have definitely figured it out.

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