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Kaylee Rose: Florida Roots to Nashville Boots.

Kaylee Rose is a fearless singer-songwriter from St. Augustine, Florida, who has a unique style that blends the sounds of her musical upbringing. Originally from Miami, Kaylee brings a vibrant pop element to her country rooted lyrics. Growing up surrounded by a variety of musical influences and cultures undoubtedly guided her unique brand of country music. Focused on bubbly acoustics and upbeat and relatable lyrics, Kaylee Rose is quickly becoming a fan and industry favorite on Broadway!

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I am a huge fan of your new song and yeah. And it's actually playing on Chicago radio. I don't know if you knew that.

Yes. U S 99, right? Thats amazing! Thank you for telling me!

I always love to ask a few fun questions so the fans can get to know you better! What was the last thing that social media made you buy? Like an impulse buy?

I buy so much stuff now. Like all social media. I'm trying to think. Actually this is, I promise I'm not like making this up a toy for my dog. I love it. And it's really odd. It's on theme.

What was the last really good meal that you ate?

There's this little burger place that my boyfriend now go to twice a week. I'm not getting twice a week. It's called ML Rose. I can't go like four days without going there. Yeah. I love it.

If you were to be in a Disney movie, which one would it be?

Little mermaid obviously. Cause I'm from Florida. I love the ocean. And then Beauty and The Beast is always just one of my favorite movies. It's a classic. I am against the whole new generation of Disney. Like I haven't watched Tangled or Frozen any of them to refuse to like believe that's the new princess.

What were some of your earliest music memories? Did you grow up in a musical family?

No, I actually will tell you something that most people don't know and I hope never gets leaked. One of my very first memories playing in front of people was actually going to Disney World and my parents tricked me. They had this thing in one of the parks called American Idol experience where it's basically like you audition for the judges a, you know, the, the audience votes. And if you make it to the end, blah, blah, blah. And I wanted to run away, when I realized what was happening and where they were taking me to, and then they were like, okay, can you sing us a song? I was put on the spot. I was like crying, but I did it. And then they're like, come to the audition means you did great. I'm like 13, by the way. And then I ended up making it all the way to the finale, to the top two of the seven shows a day. Going from never singing in front of people,it's like the real American idol stage set up again. It's a full house. Oh my God. It was the best experience. That's when I realized like, wait a second, maybe there's something there. But yeah, most people don't know that story. I had flip-flops on and flip flops, like literally up in the finale and no one said, Hey, why don't you buy some shoes here? You're gonna be playing front of people!

How did growing up in Florida and close to Miami influence you now and how did you land on country music?

I am from Miami, born in Miami. I moved to St. Augustine, Florida. I moved there when I was in middle school, in the middle of middle school. So I kind of really did live both of my lives in both cities. So I feel like my pop and hip hop influences from living in Miami and then my country roots or influences from living in St. Augustine and cause you know what they say, like how the more south you get in Florida, the West country or South it is. So I don't know if that helps explain it at all, but basically I fell in, I, I listened to country when I was little. My mom always had Shania Twain and The Dixie Chicks on. It's very nostalgic listening to them. But when I moved to St Augustine, that's when I started playing a lot of live shows and started just falling in love with country music. I mean, all my friends listened to country music and St. Augustine. So I love that. I feel like my, my style as an artist is a true blend of like the pop and hip hop vibe and the country songwriting.

I'm curious to know what was the best advice that you've received since you've been in Nashville. And how does that serve you now?

I moved here in 2014, I haven't made it to 10 years yet. Let's hope I get to the 10 years, you know, but seven years this year actually. The best advice I've ever gotten is that you learn more from your failures than you do from your success. And I used to hate being told that. But, one of my mentors in town told me that when I first moved here and looking back now, every pivotal moment in my journey here in Nashville is from those lows, not the highs that's when I come out stronger, and learned to work harder at becoming a better writer, singer performer, look at the glass half full more. That's the hardest part actually like the comparison element of this town and social media plays a huge role in it. Like I really had to work hard at like, not comparing my journey to other people's journeys. It can be a toxic.

Who were some of your other creatives right now in Nashville that you love working with?

So I have to give a big shout out to my producer, Kurt Gibbs, he's the writer and producer of My Dog. Basically what you heard in the recording it's out on Spotify is what he did that day in our running slash he's that good! He's just so easy to work with. He really gets what I'm doing as an artist. Just really helps me anytime. I need to like put out a song quickly. Like he deals with my craziness all the time. So I just, I'm very thankful to have him in my life and Lydia, the other co-writer on that song. I've been riding with her for years and she's another person that just gets me. I feel like you have to like get the person's artistry so much in this town, like to really click with writers. And I don't know, she's like a perfect match for me with writing. She totally gets my vibe. She's the same vibe as me and she's been nominated. She took out her other work to Lydia doll.

What are you hoping the success of My Dog leads to?

I don't, you know, there's no telling where this could lead to obviously I hope it leads to more opportunities. I'm just so proud of myself because this time, last year and most musicians will admit this, but I put out so many songs and would cry the day they came out because it didn't get on the playlist I wanted to, or you know, just the momentum wasn't there. I wish I could've told myself a year ago, it’s okay. Kaylee, when you put out this song, it's all gonna make sense. And this song really has helped show me that, this is what I'm meant to do. I hope there's musicians out there that like, if you don't feel that your song took off the way you wanted to just get back up and try again, something will work if you just keep trying. And that's what My Dog is.

Let's talk about My Dog! I have two theories on this. It's either an amazing conceptual idea or this happened to you. So which one is it?

I guess kind of both cause like my boyfriend and I got a dog together. So Kurt and Lydia, the two people I pointed out, we were in the middle of writing a different song. And then we were just taking a break and they're asking about how our new dog Fred is. And I was saying, yeah, it just sucks. You know, because like, who gets Fred if we break up . Then they were saying, we should write a song about that. And I was like, wait, we should. So then when I wrote the song with them, I had a, I usually like will text my boyfriend land in my songs. But with this one, I didn't want to have a fight. So I said, Hey I'm going to show you a song. I just want you to know this is hypothetical. I'm not like wanting to break up or anything. It's just a joke. But I love how the song came to be, and It means so much to me!

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