Lake Forest Music Fest : Country Music Lives In The Burbs Too!

One of my favorite things about country music is how it creates community!

Beautifully nestled in the Chicago’s North Shore area, Lake Forest provides a family friendly atmosphere for country music to thrive! This community like me, felt the need for live music to return after such a trying year. And what better way to bring people together than good ole fashion country music!

Thanks to The Lake Forest Park District and The Lake Forest Friends Foundation, I got to sing at the top of my lungs with 3,500 new friends at the first ever Lake Forest Music Festival! The best part, all ticket proceeds went right back into the community!

Attendees were greeted by smiling and friendly Lake Forest volunteers in the beautiful downtown area. With no short supply of fun, there was some thing for everybody. Kids could dance around in front of the stage or enjoy carnival games. Adults could try different Bourbons, or enjoy the wide variety of beer and wine choices! Plus amazing food from local vendors.

Growing up going to festivals like these really helped foster my love of country music. I think Lake Forest did it right by making this a family friendly event!

What really made the night was the top-notch musicians at this hometown festival.

Up and comer Brooke Eden took the stage and crushed her hour long set! Between the songs and her stories, it was so fun watching the crowds make their way over to watch this amazing performance! Plus she was able to bring in the crowd of the local college football team! I love how personable and authentic Brooke is taking time to meet every single fan!

The night ended with country icon Joe Nichols. Wow! What a show. I love how a town like Lake Forest can bring so many people together for the common love of music. Joe played an incredible 90 minutes set and even previewed some of his new music off an upcoming album!

I’m so excited that even the Chicago suburbs can offer some thing for the country music lover. I can’t wait to see what Rick and his team do next year and you better believe I’ll be there!

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