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Lakeview: A Country Duo With Some Grit

Don't let these Pittsburgh boys fool you, they are all country. Firm believers in that its the lyric that makes the country song, Jesse Denaro and Luke Healy are quickly making a name for themselves! Infusing country, rock and pop into every song, the boys have an impressive 1 Million streams. Rooted in the country tradition of old school storytelling, Lakeview is taking a fresh approach on country their way. But aside from making music, it’s LAKEVIEW’s “work hard, play hard” mentality that brought them to where they are today.

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I always like to start my interviews with a fun game and there's two of you. So we're going to play a little rousing round of “who is more likely too.”

Who is more likely to be late.


I guess it all depends on what it's for, but we're probably pretty prompt.

Who's more likely to forget a lyric on stage


Me! there’s something wrong with my brain where I will literally out of nowhere, forget all of the lyrics to a song. Hey, it happens it's true.


I'm like whispering and them. I'm like……

Who's going to take the last slice of pizza




Oh yeah. I'll definitely take the last slice. You know why I will though, because no one else will and it's bull crap and they're just going to let it sit there and get stale and let it ride. And, hard workings hands paid for that pizza. It's very disrespectful to let that thing sit there and go stale like that. I think it's just not right. You know what I mean? It's un American.

Which would of you is more likely to call the other one super late at night with a song idea?


Well, we live together.


I'd probably still call you over something like that. I tried calling Jessie randomly for some reason, even if he leaves to like twenty-five minutes telling them something dumb. It's like separation anxiety probably, probably be me to do that!

I read something interesting about you both. You guys got started because you guys both have the same girl break your heart?


Yeah! I met Luke in technically long time ago in Florida when we were both in metal bands and playing shows together and stuff. I ended up dating a girl and moving to Pittsburgh and that's when I officially met Luke and like we became friends. I had no idea. I was the new guy in town and you know, fast forward to us moving in together and working together. We started Lakeview while living in Pittsburgh, you know, we, we it's like, Oh yeah, by the way, that girl your seeing, that is my high school ex-girlfriend. *Both Laugh*

Your songs are deeply rooted in storytelling. Why do you think it's so important that country music kind of finds its way back to that style of songwriting?


I think that's what kind of keeps it separate, especially nowadays. Everyone knows the modern movement and country, and we do the same thing. We try to bring in a lot more of these pop elements and a lot more of these sounds and instruments that you don't hear in traditional country. But what makes country music country, I think is the fact that it's a storytelling layout which I love. We both write other styles of music for other artists and all that w we're songwriters and we love doing it. But my favorite part about writing country and will always be, is we kind of get to tell people stories that actually happened to us, or if somebody else's story is almost identical of how it really goes. We can say exactly how that story went. I think that's, what's really important about what we do in country music. If you're not really doing that, are you actually playing country music?

There are some pop artists out there, and when I listen I go, wow that’s actually a country song! And I think that's what, what defines the difference. The storytelling defines it more than a twang or a certain sound.

What do you guys feel that you guys bring to the table that's missing in country music? What sets you guys apart?


I think a big part of what we're doing is you know, we didn't grow up in this scene. We grew up listening to country and, and it being something that we've listened to our whole lives. However, we were making music and then a million other different ways and touring and doing all that stuff. I think we kind of bring that, whatever that aspect is of like grinding really hard and touring a lot and writing a million different styles of music and kind of coming now at the apex of our music careers and like writing country music. I think all of those influences from what we can tell them from and what people have told us. They say there’s just something that is different when you guys write a song or when you sing it live.

I think that just has to do with our backgrounds. We weren't these kids from Alabama or wherever who were like, I”m going to make it and move to Nashville when we were 18. We were too busy, working four jobs and touring full time. I think that is, that allows us to write something that's so outside of the box. Then on the music side of it, it's definitely our attention to detail, to every specific sound and tone and guitar part. We live together. We write all the music here and we track all the music in the little studio that we have. We don't go to a studio really and like do the whole, do the whole big production thing. We keep it really tight and close because we want to make sure that it is exactly what we want.

Y’all also work regular 9-5 jobs on top of touring and putting out music. Do you guys think that also having a nine to five job makes you guys work harder towards your dream?


A hundred percent. Yeah. I think a huge part of why we work so hard as we have a lot at stake here. I mean, we're not young guys anymore. This isn’t us moving to Nashville, just trying to make it we kind of put it all on the line by doing what we're doing right now for y'all to hear these songs. We can't start a career from fresh start after, after this is done and it just didn't work kind of thing. But that's that's us. We make stuff work, we're just going to. It definitely bleeds through, into our songwriting too. Like it's very raw. Like we're tired if we're some upset and tired and the song will come off that way too.

We have songs about working hard because that’s exactly what we do. If the sincerity bleeds through in the music that's great. But I know personally anybody who meets us, they always do mention that they're like, man, you guys are just are always working hard and it's so raw, and I feel it!

Because you guys do everything “in house”, how do you decide what music to release next?


Yeah, so we, we we basically work with our manager and then our label Photofinish. We talk with them and they've given us a lot of freedom to choose. They understand that, we are here in Nashville and we're working really hard and writing as many songs as we can. They are open to us saying “Hey, we played the show on the road and it got really, really good, response. I think that's the best.” That's the, the most help that we can get choosing a song.

We like all the songs. I mean, we write it. They are like our little babies, but sometimes your babies are ugly as hell. With their help and then our friends and close songwriters and producers people who work at labels here in town, you know, we kind of bounce ideas off. We are excited for what is coming for fans is 2021

How has it been playing some shows in 2020, how did y’all swing that?


We went and played some shows with Mitchell Tenpenny a few months ago. And and we ended up the only way that we know how is like schmoozing. So we schmooze the guys who owned the bars were like, Hey man, we'd love to come back. Hopefully we didn't suck. And they're like, no, you guys are great. So we are, we've been, we've been lucky enough to get a couple opportunities from the guys that own the the actual venues. And one guy was like from, from one of the venues in Florida was like, Oh, wait, those are the guys who helped take out the trash.


We were just like, kind of standing in a way I felt bad, started raining. We just kind of help like run some trash cans, you know, and they remembered that. So when we reached out they were like, absolutely. We'll put them on the show actually deemed to have room for us on Michelle the other day. And they still put us on the show. They just started the show earlier to make sure that we can play it. We're snoozing all over the place. We are grateful to play shows and put out music our fans love!

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