Larry Fleet Takes Over Chicago For Album Release Party!

One of the goals of every musical artist is to connect to listeners: through pinpoint vocals and meaningful lyrics. Larry Fleet makes it look easy and has proven in a short amount of time that his style of country music fills a void for fans craving a late-1990s or early-2000s feel.

I knew Larry had something special when I heard his hit single "Where I Find God," in the fall of 2020. To my great surprise, he graced the Windy City Smokeout stage this past summer. It won't take you long to notice Fleet's talent, not just as you listen to his first single but also when he performs live shows. Seeing him live at the iconic Joe's on Weed in Chicago was hands down one of the best shows I have ever been to!

From the moment Larry and his four piece band took the stage their was an energy in the air! From the very first cold from his song "Somethin' Cold, Somewhere Hot, the crowd went wild. Often chanting "Larry Larry" or yelling out their favorite songs.

For me, it was so exciting to hear people sing along to Larry's songs, both new and loud, and they sang loud!

Larry played over 22 songs and had the crowd dancing all night! Playing hits like "Where I Find God" covers like "Liza Jane" and new songs like "Stack of Records" Larry's talent shined bright! I saw first hand Larry Fleet grasping his chance at the ‘big leagues’ and proving to all who listen that he has the chops to stand toe-to-toe with the finest writers and most soulful singers that Nashville has to offer right now.

What sets Larry is the authenticity that oozes through his music. Larry and his band love the music and I can tell he wants us to enjoy ourselves as well! He’s got a crystal clear country baritone, a humble attitude, and real superstar chops.

My biggest take away from the night is that my inutution was right. Larry is a powerhouse voice that strikes the perfect balance of soul and twang. Larry Fleet is help leading the charge in the new wave we are seeing in country, and honestly y'all I'm not mad about it.

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