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Randall King Turns Chicago’s Joe’s on Weed Into A Honky Tonk

Randall king turned Chicago’s Joe’s on weed into a damn honky tonk this past Friday night!

There is a sense of familiarity with the Texas newcomer. With the same deft accuracy and studious understanding other country artists have evoked certain eras in the modern context, Randall King comes out swinging and fleetly re-imagines 90’s country with one sharp song after another.

While some of the terminology and subject matter might be a little more tweaked to modern sensibilities, but the music is authentic, and you keep having to check the liner notes, telling yourself this must be a song you heard before from Alan Jackson, John Anderson, or early Garth Brooks.

It was clear to see during his 90 minute set! Playing old favorites like “Tuggin’ On My Heartstrings” and “Mirror Mirror” Randall’s undeniable twang had people two stepping in Chicago!

Randall and his band held an abundance of energy that never let up. As the crowd sang along with every song he sang throughout the night King gave fans a great night of music. Performing other notable songs of his such as “Hey Moon” and “Hey Cowgirl” venue was filled with excitement, dancing and smiles.

Ending the night with an encore of 90s covers, Randall King’s entertainment factor was through the roof! Randall ended his time in Chicago by meeting the crowd, taking selfie’s and signing CDs. To me Randall King solidified that he would be “Around Forever”

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