When Canadian Country Takes Over Chicago! Robyn Ottolini At The Iconic Joe's On Weed

There is no denying the mix of sass and talent Canada's own Robyn Ottolini brings to the table. Armed with empowering vocals and a story to tell, Robyn is not afraid to be who she truly is! Going into 2020, Robyn had no way of knowing she'd land a record deal, let alone that she'd do it in the middle of a global pandemic. She doesn't only stand out for the way she signed to Warner Music Nashville after her song "F-150" took off on TikTok, though -- her honest songwriting style proves she's the real deal. Robyn's energy easily translated to the iconic Joe's stage where she rocked it out for a full 45 minutes.


For me, it was so refreshing seeing an artist to intune with her strengths. Robyn really took the Joe's audience on a journey through her own ups and downs as a young woman. Robyn started the night off strong with one of my favorites "Tell You Everything," and from there left it all out on the stage.

My favorite part of the night was seeing how much fun Robyn and her band had all being themselves. From the sassy "Sincerely, Drunk Me" to the medley of Robyn's influences the crowd was eating up what Robyn was serving. I can tell you that country fans in Chicago LOVED Robyn's set. I can't even count on two hands how many people I heard saying how "Badass" "Talented" "Inspired By Her Songs" throughout her set. It is safe to say Robyn Ottolini left it all on the stage!

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