When Chicago Meets Texas: Mike Ryan at Chicago's Joe's On Weed St.

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

I grew up Listening to a lot of the Texas country greats! So you better know that I’m excited when a country act from Texas rolls through the city! What makes this combination of Chicago and Texas even better is that the concert happened at the iconic Joe’s on Weed Street in Chicago! Joe's does a great job of curating it’s lineups, so you always know it’s going to be some damn good music!

One of my favorite Texas acts in the past five years has been San Antonio native Mike Ryan!

I love Mike for his powerful, whiskey smooth vocals and well-crafted lyrics. His thoughtful writing style evokes emotion and transports the audience inside his songs. It was so fun to see the crowd sing-along to songs like Ghost Town, Damn Good Goodbye, Dear Country Music, and my personal favorite Other Side of the Radio!

Between jamming on stage with the band, inviting the crowd to sing, and belting out power vocals Mike Ryan and his band definitely left an impression on the Chicago country community!

My favorite part of the show had to been when Mike pointed the mic towards the audience while singing his 2014 hit "Dancing All Around It." To Mike's surprise the crowd sang the chorus back to him! It was fun to see his reaction firsthand and that his music does make an impact!

Mike’s brand of country music, infused with southern rock and soulful rhythms, has generated over 105 million streams to date. Skillful with a writer’s pen, and pure entertainment with a guitar, Mike has secured a notable reputation among country music fans in Chicago and beyond! Hopefully he won't wait four years to come back to Chicago!

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